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Oven baked salmon spiced with greens on the side.

How to Cook Moist Salmon in the Oven -The Ultimate Guide

Today I am so excited to bring you an ultimate guide, how to cook salmon in the oven. This post is sponsored by Salmon & Sable, an amazing small company, who I am honored to represent. The fish used in this post is theirs and I will get into more about them a bit later. If…

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Paleo vs keto what's best for you!

Ketogenic Diet Benefits- Paleo vs Keto

Paleo vs Keto: which diet should you be doing? This is a guest post by Louise Hendon who has tried many diets in her life, including Atkins, Paleo, and Keto. Today she is sharing about the ketogenic diet benefits and if it could be right for you! You probably already know how amazing a Paleo and…

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The beginning of instant pot roasted garlic spread -5 heads of garlic roasted fresh from the instant pot sprinkled with smoked salt on a tray

Crazy Simple Roasted Garlic Spread In the Instant Pot

Oh boy, can you tell I am excited about the Instant Pot aka the Instapot? I’ve created a bunch of new recipes for it lately. If you follow me on Instagram, I often post of my experiments in my stories as I make them! The videos are riveting I’m sure! If I told you, you…

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