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3 lettuce boats with shredded chicken cooked from frozen in the instant pot with cheese, ranch and lemon wedges.

Frozen Chicken Instant Pot – Quick Keto Pulled Chicken

Skip to Recipe Wondering how to cook chicken in your instant pot from frozen? The good news- you can take frozen chicken in the instant pot and turn it into dinner really really fast. I used and tested this recipe with chicken thighs and so I recommend you use that cut. Skin on bone in…

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A chicken wing made in the instant pot dunked in keto ranch on a cutting board

Instant Pot Chicken Wings – Instapot Recipe!

Skip to Recipe Today I am writing with a HUGE grin on my face. I finally hopped on the Instant Pot Instapot bandwagon over Cyber Monday and I’m having so much fun! I’ve made a few recipes already and then decided to jump in and see what I could do on my own! I’ve taken…

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Chimichurri Aioli sauce drizzled over a grilled medium rare skirt steak

Chimichurri Aioli with Skirt Steak

Skip to Recipe Chimichurri takes beef to a whole new level. A traditional aioli would have mayo but you can certainly leave it out, as the way you prepare this chimichurri aioli it’s creamy even without the mayo! I love to add the mayo- since it keeps my fats up for the day which helps…

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