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a wine glass over a green field- can you have wine on the keto diet?

Wine and the Keto Diet

There has been something I have wanted to address for a while that is full of controversy – can you drink on the keto diet? And if yes, what are your best choices? Having a social life is something lots of people struggle with when they go keto. Everywhere you turn there are carbs and…

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sausages on the grill for a keto bbq

Keto BBQ- The ultimate guide to a keto summer bbq!

Limited time?! Yes sadly we only have a limited bit of summer left šŸ™ I think that what this means is- its the perfect time for a little keto BBQ. What’s awesome about summer and bbq season is that all that grilled meat is totally keto friendly! The folks over at Johnsonville seemed to have…

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Oven baked salmon spiced with greens on the side.

How to Cook Moist Salmon in the Oven -The Ultimate Guide

Today I am so excited to bring you an ultimate guide, how to cook salmon in the oven. This post is sponsored byĀ Salmon & Sable, an amazing small company, who I am honored to represent. The fish used in this post is theirs and I will get into more about them a bit later. If…

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