Real Food Recipes!


Baked Chicken Wings Recipe

This baked chicken wing recipe is so simple, it will be your go to for every gameday, potluck and super bowl party! What makes…

Mexican Chili recipe Soup

Mexican Chili Recipe

Today’s recipe is a fall favored, one pot Mexican chili recipe! Not technically paleo, as it includes corn, but if you can tolerate some…

Paleo Chili recipe

Sweet Potato Paleo Chili!

Are you looking for some simple recipes to help you on your paleo/real food journey? I had the opportunity to review a copy of…

Essential Oil Recipes

DIY Blemish Balm

3 Ingredient DIY Blemish Balm

We all have blemishes and breakouts from time to time right? Once I ditched processed food my skin improved quite a bit, a lot…


Real Food, Real People- Inspiring Stories
Red and Honey Interview

Ep 49 Beth from Red and Honey!

I was so excited to finally interview Beth from Red and Honey!  Her site is filled with amazing real food recipes, honesty and super…

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